Countryball Priority Requests so Far

Hello people! Due to the slight change and high influx of new customers, we are changing the priority rules. Now, priority requests are those that have placed preorder for the custom ball of choice!

Made and Shipped

Mexicoball with sombrero (shipped, added to stock)

Croatiaball (shipped, added to stock)

Serbiaball (shipped, added to stock)

Indiaball (shipped, added to stock)

Walesball (shipped, added to stock)

Norwayball (shipped, added to stock)

Luxembourgball (shipped, added to stock)

Franceball with Napoleon Hat and Moustache  (shipped, added to stock)

Luxembourgball Ensign (shipped, added to stock)

Brazilball (shipped, added to stock)

South Africa ball (shipped, added to stock)

Texasball (shipped, added to stock)

Tringapore (shipped, added to stock)

Vietnamball (shipped, added to stock)

Switzerlandball (shipped, added to stock)

Russiaball with Ushanka (shipped, added to stock)

Ukraineball (shipped, added to stock)

Basqueball with Txapela (shipped, added to stock) 

Austriaball  (shipped, added to stock) 

Pr0ball (shipped)

Spainball (shipped, added to stock)

Soviet Union Ball with ushanka  (shipped, added to stock)

Philippinesball (shipped, added to stock)

25.05.2016 All new pre-orders you can see in this category “Special Request (Custom Orders)”

50 thoughts on “Countryball Priority Requests so Far

    • You Belgians have been born under the lucky star, we will be placing Belgium for sale today in quantity of 3-5
      So get ready for it!


    • We are already planning on those, South and Best Korea. However, if you want, you can make a preorder, this way, we will put it high on priority and begin the work immediately.

  1. A wee bit obscure, but on the off chance more requests for this come in, a Basqueball would be lovely :D

  2. The Greeceball would be nice!

    I am not too sure how fast you create balls. However, I am leaving for a trip to Greece on the 12th of January. It would be cool if I could carry him along with me :)

    • We will be placing Swissball into our shop during next week as we already have a pending preorder for them.
      You will be able to get hands on yours soon!

  3. I’m looking for more information about pre-ordering. I would really like a Scotlandball.

    • Yes I can make Scotlandball for you, I’ve sent you instructions on the mail you’ve listed here.

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