Delivery times leading up to Christmas holidays

Dear friends, the moment of pre-Christmas purchases is coming. In the following months, starting from mid-October and till the early December, there is an avalanche-like growth of packages being sent all over the world. Therefore, I want to warn you that for all packages purchased from mid-October on wards, there are possible long delays in delivery times. Based on last year’s experience, the biggest problems were experienced with the USPS network in the USA. Some parcels sent in early November came to their addressee in January next year. If you need a package for Christmas, and you live in the western hemisphere, it could happen, that the plush toy purchased today will not reach you in time for the Christmas holidays. Regarding the delays, the European countries are affected the least, if there are some delays, they are only small compared to the North America.

If you want to calculate approximate delivery time before purchase, please contact me

USMC USAball is Ready

Here is another custom countryball I just finished, USMC USAball! This was quiet a tricky piece to make because I had to surf through plenty of pictures in order to figure out, how the cap itself is sewn together to achieve the authentic result! The countryball turned out simply awesome! 😎😎



Canadaball with Raccoon Hat is ready

I guess it’s not very often occurrence, seeing someone wearing a live Raccoon instead of a hat, but for Canadaball, it is pretty ordinary and not uncommon at all *tips raccoon* … This was one of the custom requests by the customer from United Kingdom and I had a really good chuckle the whole time while making this Canadaball with a Raccoon.

Ich liebe

For all the ladies out there, I am testing the t-shirts with female cut as well! Do you prefer the female cut for yourself or unisex t-shirt? And as always, another sneak peak of the design, do you like it? Comment bellow.

Kalashnikov Balalayka Vodka

Hello everyone, the t-shirts are progressing really well, we are now running real life color correction to get the best possible results along with stress tests on rewash ability. This shirt so far have been washed 5 times and we are extremely happy with the results! Up next, new designs will be added soon, you can expect Germany, UK, Canada, Latin American countries and many more to follow!

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I’ve printed the first test batch of t-shirts

Good news, everyone! I’ve printed the first test batch of t-shirts and they look amazing, the only thing I have to do now are some finishing touches on the existing designs before it enters into the shop. How do you like em? Do you have some design ideas you’d like to see printed? Leave a comment down below!


My vacation is ending this week

Dear friends, my vacation is ending this week and I will start working on your orders immediately. Due to the queued orders, they will be shipped in 3 weeks. Also, I want to let you know, that at the end of the August I will be introducing t-shirt collection with our countryballs. Here you can see some of the sketches planned for the first wave of t-shirts. T-shirt pre-orders will be available in the last week of August.