General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

According to the European Union law regarding the protection of personal data, GDPR, which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018. We want to provide you with complete information regarding the collection and use of your personal data, how they are processed and stored.

We store only the necessary details needed to provide services and setting up delivery of your purchase, directly into your hands. All of the products purchased from us are delivered to the address you provide in your order.

What are your personal data stored on our server?

  • Your Name and Surname
  • Your physical address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Your individual delivery numbers and order number
  • Your IP address

How is your personal data used?

Your Name and Surname, as well as your physical address, are needed in order to ship the order and for postal services to identify you, when delivering the goods you purchased.

Your e-mail is used solely to inform you about important information regarding your purchase – it’s: the order number, your tracking number, the current progress of your order, direct communication regarding the customization of your order per your request.

Use of your phone number is possible only in very exceptional cases and if you provided it when making your order. This method of contact is used only if the standard e-mail contacting procedure does not work and there were some unforeseen changes in the status of your order, the delivery or there was encountered some error regarding the information provided by you when placing an order.

Your individual delivery number ie. package tracking numbers are used in order to track your parcels all along the way until they are delivered directly to you, as well as to confirm the successful delivery. The tracking numbers are also used In case the parcel is lost, in order to reimburse the money you spent for the order.

Your IP address is used to automatically identify the country of the buyer when completing the order form. In the same way, the IP address information serves to collect statistics of site visits that allow us to configure our website according to the search queries and demands of our visitors.

How the purchase is made?

Purchases on our site are made exclusively through the Pay Pal payment system. Upon confirmation of the purchase and agreement with our terms and conditions, you are automatically redirected to the site of the PayPal and everything is done through their gateway.

Important! We do not store or have access to any data related to your credit card. All payments and transactions are made directly through the PayPal gateway.

Security and data storage.

All communication between you and our server is performed in an encrypted form using the SSL protocol SHA 256, TLS 1.2

All your data is stored on our cloud servers in an encrypted form.

When creating your account on our site, we recommend that you create strong passwords with the use of different characters and symbols.

Requesting the audit of your personal data stored on this website.

  • You can request a copy of your personal data stored in the database of this store.
  • You can request correction of errors in your personal data.
  • You can request the removal of all personal data or parts of them thereof.
  • In the event that your personal data has been compromised in any way, we will immediately notify you about it as well as in the relevant regulatory authorities within 72 hours.

Your personal data and third parties.

We will never transfer, transmit or your personal data to third parties. We haven’t done so in the past and we will not do that in the future. We have never used your personal data for advertising campaigns or promotions.